How Protected is Your Cooking Fever Account from the Cheats Sites?

Cooking Fever Cheats are Real!With a rating of 4.4, the cooking fever app is truly a great hit in the gaming market industry. Almost 1,162,003 downloads were recorded based on the data of Android Google Play. The game highlights arcade, strategy, and time management approach. The main objective of the player is to provide all of the orders per customer in a quick response, accomplishing 400 levels, discover various 400 dishes with the use of 150 different ingredients experience the 13 cooking venues, upgrade the kitchen appliances and interior decorations. The player may explore all of the locations including Fast food, Pizza, Seafood, Paradise Cooking Bar, Bakery, Chinese, Indian, Breakfast, Sushi Bar, Café, Ice Cream Shop, Corn Dog Van and Café Mexican.

7 Basic Tips on Picking the right Hack/Cheats Console for Cooking Fever App

The Cooking Fever Hack/Cheats are available all throughout some various websites yet, not all of this page contains reliable information regarding the hack and cheats for this gaming application. Usually, they offer unlimited gems and coins to be used especially in expanding the restaurant, upgrading the kitchen tools and adding more embellishment in the restaurant. There are many factors to consider in relying on a Cooking Fever Cheats console which include:

  1. Secure proxy servers that filter and block the fraudulent sites from entering the online browser for the gaming app hack.
  2. Extra features for the protection of the device, app and user account against any viruses, malware, spyware, Trojan, and adware.
  3. Check the site if it contains an authentication symbol that guarantees the protection of the user upon using the hack or cheat from the site.
  4. Do not enter any e-mail or username because it might be an invitation to a scam link.
  5. As much as possible, read any comments to gain relevant information if the online browser or downloadable hack is reliable to use.
  6. Make sure to clear the history, cache and cookies to remove any hidden links in the user’s PC, tab, or smartphone.
  7. Explore if the site has a page on popular social media accounts such as Facebook.

As a player, it is significant to know all of these fundamental guidelines before using a cooking fever hack/cheat tool. The website should be reliable so that the device and user’s account are safe from any suspicious links, manipulations, and encryptions. Following the guidelines stated above will protect the player as well as enjoy the game without any disturbance.

Join the Modern War Between Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Season 2!

Everyone is familiar with the Plants Vs Zombies launched by Electronic Arts and developed by PopCap. The initial release of the game started last March 5, 2009, with the first ever sequel namely the Plants Vs Zombies. It has become a trending gameplay that almost hit the sales chart among the PC games and apps. Thereafter the game was followed by the consecutive series which includes Plants Vs Zombies 2: It’s about time and Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. Many app developers are also creating different versions of the game but basically, it centers the war between the plants against the outrage of zombies.

Welcome to the latest PVZ: Garden Warfare 2!

As a brief discussion regarding this part two seasons, PVZ Garden Warfare is a third-person shooting, strategically and survival mode of gameplay. The main objective revolves around the original PVZ and that is to defeat the invasion of the zombies to the garden using the pea shooter variety of plants. This new sequel was released first in North America last February 23, 2016, and further spread internationally last February 25, 2016. The intense features of the game made it more complex, interesting and challenging to the players. To enumerate some of its features, these are:

  • Meet the 40 different new characters introduced in the game with unique abilities including 6 additional plants as well as zombie classes and a zombie version of the Garden Ops mode.
  • You will be fascinated and exhilarated with the 12 maps.
  • You can engage in the game and split your screen in a multi-player mode.
  • There is new remix of music during the game.
  • A new mode of playing is invented explicitly Herbal Assault.
  • All in all, the game is played online with 24 simultaneous player virtual battles in the Backyard Battleground, tough tower defense, 100 characters of various plants and zombies as well as you can invite friends to join the modern war.

Plot of the Story is connected with the Comic Book

Upon commencement of the play, you will notice that the game announced the defeat of the plants against the reigning advanced technologically made Zombies which were invented by Dr. Edgar George Zomboss. The plants’ paradise home, ‘Suburbia’ was conquered by the Evil Doctor and renamed it as, ‘Zomburbia’. The previous part of the story can be read at the Comic Book produced by Dark Horse Comics in which the defeat of the plants was explained in this material.

Top 10 Cheats for Hungry Shark Revolution

Proceed with your search bar now and enter the texts ‘Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats’ and you will be provided with the top search rankings of the various sites. Several and competitive online cheat engine developers are invading the internet to show off their programs and become popular among the gamers. The edge of communication and technology have made the cheat engine developers share their knowledge regarding the easy way of generating gems, coins and lives for the game. Keep an eye on these various sites to have many choices to select from. Find a legit, reliable and efficient cheat engine for your gameplay and be sure not to cause lags and hang-ups onto your device.

Getting to know about the Hungry Shark Cheat Engines

The primary objective of the game is for the shark to survive without being beaten by its enemies. To keep the shark alive and kicking, you should maintain the level bar of its life. You may also avail tough sharks and purchase them only when you have sufficient coins or gems to acquire the new feature of the shark. Meaning, you can choose a different kind of sharks including big daddy, alan, robo shark, great white shark, hungry shark world, megalodon, tiger shark, electro shark, shark junior, goblin shark, ice shark and more. You can have many coin and gems as you want to using Hungry Shark cheat engines.

Download cheat engines for the Hungry shark Evolution

If you don’t trust the online Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk, you may refer to the downloads on these suggested sites below. You don’t need to log-in and do it repeatedly whenever you’re running out of coins, lives or gems. Also, you may avoid pop-up advertisements, surveys and other sites when trying to use the online tool. Have the privilege of full control of your cheat tool of downloading and running it to your smartphone, tab or PC.

Hungry Shark Trucchi

Cheat Guides with no need to download and generate

Some cheats does not require you to enter you user ID or e-mail, they won’t even let you download the engine to do the cheat trick but the information below illustrates on how to do the hack even without the need of the generators. You may receive daily bonuses just by doing these basic tactics below.

In choosing the best Hungry Shark Trucchi engine, you should take note of the comments of the users if they are satisfied with the tool. A highly rated and certified website for the sources of cheats are important to attest whether the provider of the cheats can give you a 100% assurance that their site is free from any form of hacking and your account will be completely secure. Enjoy your game to its fullest! Have a fun and exciting experience of the aquatic adventures and creatures only at Hungry Shark Evolution.

Beyond the Pixels: The Economics Behind the Game

There is no doubt that video gaming has become one of the biggest pass time leisures of the modern age, but it is not all pleasure and games (pun intended). Grossing at over $56 billion globally every year, video games have quickly become the leading form of everyday entertainment whereas other mediums like music only manage to round up around $16 billion a year. But unbeknownst to most, there is a very deep and complicated financial ecosystem that strives off the dynamics of the gaming industry, making it bigger and bigger everyday through this symbiotic relationship of sorts.

Quick Growth

Up until the past few decades, the video gaming industry was a very different place. It used more focused and closed sphere where only a very specific demographic was targeted for maximum profits. However, the introduction of mobile phones and their authenticity as powerful handheld gaming platform have changed the dynamic entirely. According to Mr. Moore from Electronic Arts, “In the past few years two things have changed. The first is the proliferation of platforms, and the second is that it’s become so much easier to call yourself a gamer.” This has caused a huge burst of potential growth and subsequent profit for organizations of all degrees to capitalize on. Games specifically designed to be played on mobile phones already account for $8 billion of the $56 billion global games market, even though they typically sell at less than a tenth the price of a traditional console game.

Many, Many Opportunities Exist

This burst of new gaming platforms has created new opportunities for developers. In the past, a proper, fully fledged video games required anywhere from $10 million to a staggering $50 million. But with the proliferation of smartphones, video game apps can be made for about $80,000 at an average (and less than half of that in some countries) with returning revenues to possibly double that amount. Not all of this money goes into the pockets of the developers, though. The success of any game, and especially video game apps, lies heavily upon their marketing. Marketing a game effectively is just as important as making a high quality game in the modern world. Expenses that deal with all forms of marketing and promotions always seem to create a dent on the possible earnings, but are a necessary expense. However, the recent influx of wealth in the gaming industry seems to favor the bold. As annual revenues are expected to cross the $60 billion mark, the economic repercussions these could have on the industry are yet to be fully seen.

How Mobile Games Make a Profit

Every day thousands of apps are submitted to Apple for review and roughly the same amount are added straight to the Google Play Store itself. Years ago, making apps was not considered to be profitable, but these days, it could even be better than making some console/pc games. Though how is that possible?

By 2020, it is estimated there to be 6.1 Billion people with smartphones. And usually they have a choice from either the App Store, or Google Play. (Usually apps are uploaded to both, so it doesn’t matter) Its a lot simpler to download a .99 cent game. You don’t need some console or amazing pc, just the phone you already had, and just imagine if 10 thousand people bought the app. Now you just made close to 10 thousand dollars. Though which apps are better for making money? Free or “Premium” apps.

Your first thought would be, obviously premium games, right? Well that’s where you are wrong. Premium apps may directly give you your money: someone buys the apps, apple or google takes their cut, and boom, you are paid. Sounds easy enough, however, the only problem is people are less likely to buy a premium app over a free app. In the world of mobile devices, .99 cents just seems expensive, especially since there are free counterparts everywhere. The worst part is, if you make a mistake somewhere on your app, and give it bad reviews, your app is now even less likely to be downloaded. This is where free apps rein superior in most cases.

Hit It Big with a Free Viral Game

In 2013, the free game, Flappy bird was released, and quickly gained popularity, as the most angering game of all time, but that didn’t stop people from downloading it. The developer, Nguyễn Hà Đông, was estimated to have been making 50,000 dollars a day. Though how was this possible? Well because of ads, ads and more ads. They were usually just small bar ads at the top or bottom when you played. And when the game hit popularity, thousands of people were seeing these ads, making Nguyễn Hà Đông money. Of course, free apps also have the upper hand when it comes to reviews as well. You get some bad reviews on your app, just like with a premium, you will lose downloads. Though it is easier to get them back, because people are more like to download a free app and take a risk then a paid app. A year or so ago, in the month of July, the totally amount of free apps downloaded made up 94%of the total amount of apps downloaded that month.

And of course, now we come to the freemium model of selling apps, a model that has created gigantic apps. Now you may ask, what is this freemium mode? Well the title explains itself; it is a free app that offers premium in-game content. Apps such as Candy Crush and Clash of Clans use this way of marketing their app. In 2014, users spent over 1.4 billion dollars on in-game purchases, such as extra lives, level skips and more. And in 2014 it was estimated that clash of clans may have made 1.8 billion dollars. And since the app as free, people are more likely to buy these in-game purchases. These games are generating more money than some games on other platform just dream of.


Now there are many other ways as well to make money off of apps on mobile devices, such as subscriptions, sequels to the games, and more. In 2014, the mobile game revenue was 25 billion dollars, and growing this year. Those thousands of apps being submitted each day are all trying to get a piece of the revenue and each game will make money from somewhere, where it’s a free, to premium to freemium, they have their ways.