Choose Car Mechanic

Monday , 13, May 2019 Comments Off on Choose Car Mechanic

Everyone has a story about going to the mechanic and receiving a bill that they didn’t expect. Take, for instance, the story about a guy who dropped his car off at his regular mechanics place in order to get a lube, oil, and filter job done. When he returned later that evening to pick up his car, he found a bill waiting for him that was hundreds of dollars in price. When questioned, the mechanic stated that there were a number of problems with the vehicle that the owner hadn’t known about, and the mechanic had gone ahead and fixed them.

Or maybe you know someone, or were someone, who was quoted $200 as a price to fix your vehicle, only to find out that it cost $500, or even more, after the work was already done. These stories are far too frequently told, and the sad fact is that they should never have to be. If you take your time when choosing a car mechanic, you will be able to find a mechanic who not only will not overcharge you, but who will keep in touch with you about your vehicle before doing any work on it.

Getting References

One thing that you should always do when you’re choosing a car mechanic is to get references. References are the ideal way to learn what type of person a mechanic is, whether they’re someone that you can trust or someone that you can’t. Don’t be afraid to ask the mechanic for some references, and don’t be shy to seek out references for a potential garage on your own. Ask friends and family and co-workers about the garages that you’re looking into working with, and if they know someone who has had any type of experiences going there. This will help you to know what you’re getting into when you work with one specific garage.

Getting a Quote

Once you’ve found a garage, it’s time to learn about getting a quote. Some garages will give you a verbal quote, stating that it will cost x amount of dollars to fix something. This verbal quote doesn’t necessarily mean that the cost will be that much, but means that it should be in that ballpark area, which means that you could wind up being charged much more than you anticipated. Instead of getting just a verbal agreement, go for a contract. Many garages now can draw up a quick estimate for you on paper, which acts as a contract so that you will not have to overpay should something be different. The contract means that the mechanic will have to contact you if the price to fix your vehicle has changed, giving you some control over how much to spend fixing your vehicle.