Different Natural Stones Used

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The first and primary stage is the quarrying of stones from different mines and mining sectors.

Next comes with the processing method where various chemicals are used and the stones are used for manufacturing various products and the last stage deals with supply of the end products, to a wide range of satisfied customers. There are varieties of natural stones available and specific processes are used for each and every one of them. The main and vital work of the exporter is to create a good bond between the three stages, to get the desired end results.

Varieties of natural stones available widely all over:

-Granite: When it comes to natural stone then Granite is the first name that crosses our mind. It can be defined as a common example of felsic, intrusive and igneous rock which is mainly phaneritic and granular in nature. Some of the minerals that one can found in this rock are mica, quartz and also feldspar. In some cases, there are crystals which are larger in size when compared with the groundmass and then it is mainly known as porphyritic. Some of the features associated with granite are toughness and hardness, massive in structure and more and therefore it is quite popular among Natural Stone Exporter. Our website provides info about  natural stone

-Limestone: Another major natural stone which is widely used is limestone and it is mainly a sedimentary rock. This is composed of various important minerals like aragonite, minerals calcite and more. These are mainly various crystalline forms of CaCO3. It is used for various purposes like as building materials, for making roads, as filler in various toothpaste and paints and also s a chemical feedstock.

-Marble: It can be defined as a metamorphic rock which is non-foliated in nature and mainly composed of carbonate minerals which are re-crystallized in nature. This term marble is also used as building materials and also for manufacturing sculptures.

-Quartzite: It is another notable natural stone which is widely exported by Natural Stone Exporter. It is a hard metamorphic rock which was mainly a pure quartz sandstone form. It is generally formed by converting sandstone with the help of pressure and heating systems. This pressure is related with the compression of the tectonic plates within the orogenic belts. The color of these stones mainly varies from white to gray and is used for different purposes.

-Sandstone: Defined as a classic example of sedimentary rock by the Natural Stone Exporter, sandstone is a popular name used widely by large section of people. Some of the common colors of this natural stone are yellow, gray, white, black, pink, brown and tan.

-Slate stone: Last but not the least is the Slate stone which is foliated and fine grained in nature and is the best example of metamorphic rock. It comprises of volcanic ashes and is generally black in color.