Helpful Furniture Removal Tips

Monday , 30, July 2018 Comments Off on Helpful Furniture Removal Tips

Moving is a hectic, busy experience, but one that needs to be handled correctly. After all, these are your life’s belongings and the contents of your precious home that you are transporting! Ideally, it would be lovely to pay a removal company to come in and pack your whole house up and do the entire move for you, but that is not always financially possible. Often, budgets will only allow paying for the moving company to actually transport all the goods. Either way, you should arm yourself with information on how best to move furniture, so that you can make the whole process easier.

Firstly, you need to take a look at all your large furniture items. What you are ultimately looking for is any parts that can be dissembled for transportation. If you are going to dissemble any furniture, it is imperative that you put all the pieces together, even if you have to mark each of the individual pieces with a coloured sticker. If you have any chests with drawers in them, then remove the drawers for separate transportation. This will prevent the drawers from sliding out whilst out in transit. Keep the instructions on how to reassemble the furniture piece on hand at all times. If there are any nuts and bolts pertaining to the furniture piece that you have dissembled then you should put them into a sealable plastic bag, which you can then mark with furniture they belong to.

If you have any glass tabletop furniture, it is important that you remove the glass and wrap it up in protective material. Protective material can include bubble wrap, blankets or foam padding. This glass will then be treated as a breakable by the moving company.Get the facts aboutĀ  furniture removal dublinĀ 

It is important that you treat your furniture with care. Have all the larger pieces moved first, so that you get the most stressful parts out the way, and also so you can fill up the truck accordingly and gauge your space options. Be patient in the moving process, if a piece of furniture is particularly frustrating, take a step back and have a breather and reconsider the way it is being moved. Do not bang the furniture against walls and doors on its way out, as it will damage the furniture and the home. Another very important thing to remember is to not slide the furniture if you are moving a very heavy piece. This will undoubtedly damage the carpeting or flooring of your property or the property you are moving into. It is best to rather slip something such as foam padding or a piece of thick plastic underneath the furniture before sliding it along.

If possible, try and cover all furniture pieces going in the truck with blankets so that they do not get damaged in transit. Fridges must always be kept upright, and should never, under any circumstances, be tipped sideways for easier moving, as this will damage the functionality of the fridge! There are nice trolleys available that are perfect for transporting the fridge. This trolley can also be used for the washing machine and any other large items of similar shape that need to be transported.