Introduction To Gravel Driveways

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Gravel driveways offer unique advantages over concrete, asphalt, and other materials. Gravel is water permeable. This can be a huge advantage in inner cities and areas with restrictions in place that govern such things. Gravel is less expensive to install much less invasive to a home owner. And, unlike the other materials available for a concrete driveway, gravel is well suited to the do it yourselfer. To install a gravel driveway you want to make sure you have a few tools on hand. This will ensure ease of installation as well a professional look and durability.

Gravel:It can be a typical crushed stone. The best size of the pathway will be about 15mm. It can be angular or circular and readily available in varied colors.



Garden rake

A few friends and relatives


Scrape and dig the soil to remove any weed, large rocks, or other unwanted material that may be buried within the boundaries. Get more informations of  gravel driveways

Level the driveway and make it as smooth as possible before getting the gravel. This will keep the gravel in place even during the rains. A Bobcat or other similar equipment can be used for long pathways. You want your driveway to be stable for a long time, so it is important to compact the sub base. In some areas you may need to rent a compactor from your local rental shop. In other areas, the soil may be hard enough to get by without.

Now get the gravel on the driveway. It is a better idea to get it in your own truck so that you can move it along the driveway and put the gravel wherever required. This will also save the manual labor required to scoop the stones from a particular place. But if you can’t use a truck, then get the stones dropped at any convenient place near the driveway.

Put the stones on the drive and spread it as evenly as possible. You can use your garden rake for this. You want to measure the depth of the concrete to your predetermined depth, usually about three inches. The driveway design should be such that it has a curve rather than being completely straight. This will add some curb appeal to the job. Once the stones are laid completely, you can see the beauty and functionality of your work.