Introduction To Promotional Products

Monday , 11, February 2019 Comments Off on Introduction To Promotional Products

Firstly, it’s probably a good idea to clear up exactly what we mean by ‘Sales Printing.’ Sales printing is basically anything that is aimed at promoting your business by actively advertising it to potential customers- as long as the advert is printed that is. It’s not sales printing unless it’s printed, of course.

Some examples of sales printing or promotional products are brochures, booklets, leaflets, flyers, posters, invitations, presentation folders, postcards, tickets, menus, book printing, notepads, CD/DVD inlays, rubber stamps and there’s loads more as well. You can even get things printed onto T-shirts and mugs.

Nothing beats ‘word of mouth’ when you’re in business, but promotional printing comes pretty close. There are a few things you need to check before you go to press though with 10,000 full colour leaflets.

  1. Make sure you have a recognisable and memorable brand to promote
  2. Make sure your product stands out from the rest
  3. Make sure it says absolutely everything that you want it to about your company
  4. Get it designed by a professional- home made leaflets will look home made
  5. Check your proof. Once you sign your proof and your product is printed there’s no going back and you don’t want to be sending out 1000 leaflets with the wrong phone number on it.
  6. Make sure you are entirely happy with your product before it is printed. Speak up. This is your business we’re talking about, not the printer’s… or the designers. You need to go with what you feel right.
  7. Don’t turn down free advice. See what other people think of the designs. Get feedback.

I’ll write in more detail about each of the individual examples of promotional printing listed above at a later date. For now though, start thinking about getting something printed. Seriously, if you get it right, the return can be invaluable.